Guide to Undergraduate Studies

Guide to Undergraduate Studies

Knowledges and skills cultivated in Applied Chemistry Course at Faculty of Engineering

Do you think somehow, "Chemistry studies in the Faculty of Science"? – we are a group engaged in education and research on chemistry at the Faculty of Engineering. 

   In our group, we are researching inorganic materials, such as ceramics and environmental purification catalysts, that clean exhaust gas and are good at fuel cells. In the field of organic chemistry, we are researching artificial host molecules that recognize and recognize specific molecules, macromolecular compounds and soft materials that are environmentally and biologically friendly materials. In addition, I often hear keywords such as environment, nano, bio etc. However, there are also groups that are studying virtual chemistry using computers, such as research on new chemistry that crossed over them. Furthermore, as a more practical research, we are conducting research leading the world in recent hot fields such as high-performance lasers and optical communication, and organic EL devices expected as next-generation flat panel displays. It may seem quite different from the image of "chemistry" you are studying at school. We believe it is important to conduct creative research that is useful for society and industry in Japan.

   By the way, chemistry experts are leading various cutting-edge research regardless of university or industry. We have the foundation of paving stone about the world's highest level of chemical research. By thoroughly introducing this into education, we will cultivate human

resources who lead chemical science (chemical science) based on chemistry. First of all, you will work on proven educational programs on traditional chemistry such as physics chemistry and inorganic and organic chemistry. In addition, we will learn about biotechnology and nanotechnology, information and electronics fields firmly. I will study graduation in the fourth year of the final year. Every one of you will work on cutting-edge chemistry as introduced on the homepage, under the guidance of one-to-one faculty members. There, the world is a competitor. Good research results will be disseminated immediately as research presentations and academic papers.

   If you would like to learn about our application chemistry (function), please take the Kyushu University Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology Department of Materials Science and Engineering. The Department of Materials Science and Engineering has three courses - 'Chemical Process · Biotechnology Course', 'Applied Chemistry Course', 'Material Science Engineering Course', and will be assigned to each course at the end of 1 year. The Applied Chemistry course is further divided into two categories, functional substance chemistry class and molecular system engineering class. By belonging to the functional class, you can learn about traditional chemistry, and you can tackle cutting-edge research like the above with the teacher's heart-full instruction. Why do not you do creative research that is useful for society and industry in Japan together with us?