About Department of Applied Chemistry

About Department of Applied Chemistry

Invitation to the nanoworld which manipulates atoms and molecules

Nanotechnology is attracting attention as the fundamental technology of the 21st century. There is great hope that chemistry will create substances from atoms and molecules as its core technology. Since the dawn of civilization, humanity has been satisfying their probing intellectual curiosity, efflorescing scientific and industrial technologies, and contributing to human society's progress. The Applied Chemistry Function Course of Kyushu University aims to develop advanced chemistry, including the development of optical functional organic molecules and organic EL devices by sophisticated molecular designs, the development of high polymers with characteristics of high intensity, conductivity, medical usage and optics, development of environmental and energy materials focusing on ceramics, nano-biotechnology for biopolymer DNA and RNA, and building of the guiding principle of structures and reactions by computational chemistry. The diffusion of organic EL display TV, the progress of medical technology by biopolymer, and the realization of a sustainable human society through the development of fuel cells are not a dream of the future. I hope you will participate in the nanoworld, which manipulates atoms and molecules.

You will have often heard the word nanotech. Nanotechnology is an area of research that creates an entirely new function by designing, lining, or organizing substances on a molecular or atomic level, and it is the matrix of various industrial technologies. With the progress of science and technology in recent years through the merger with multiple fields and the progress of collaborations, it is developing into an indispensable discipline for the future. Against this background, our Applied Chemistry Course has top-ranking findings and facilities worldwide. It is working towards developing new technologies that can be applied in various fields, including IT (Information Technology), environment and biotechnology, and science education, which serves as its foundation. The goal of the Applied Chemistry Course is to open up new disciplines that will be responsible for the next generation.

The Applied Chemistry Course (Function Class) provides you

  • Advanced Chemistry Experties, 
  • Diverse Scientific Researches.

You are sure to find what you want to carry on and dreams in the future.