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11/18 In The 2nd Online Symposium on Physical Organic Chemistry for Young Chemists, Mr. Tanaka (M1) made verbal presentation.
9/26~9/28 In The JSCC 72nd Annual Symposium, Mr. Iwanaga (D3) made verbal presentation and Mr. Yoshida (M2) made poster presentation.写真
9/20~9/22 In The 32nd Symposium on Physical Organic Chemistry, Mr. Iwanaga(D3) made verbal presentation and Mr. Shimada(D2), Mr. Ikemoto(M2), Mr. Tsuruda(M2), Mr Kanamori(M1), Mr. Fukami(M1) made poster presentations. Mr. Shimada(D2) got Student poster award!写真
8/25~8/26 In midterm press conference for MC2 in 2022, Mr. Ikemoto(M2), Mr. Minakuchi(M2), Mr. Yoshida(M2), Mr. Kai(M2), Mr. Tsutuda(M2) made presentation.
8/20 In The 34th Seminar for Young Researchers, Mr. fukami(M1) made verbal presentation.写真
8/18~8/19 In Explanatory examination for MC1 theme in 2022, Mr. Kanamori(M1), Mr. Hamada(M1), Mr. Tanaka(M1), Mr. Fukami(M1) made presentation. Mr. Kanamori(M1) got best presentation award!
7/10~7/15 ICPP-12in Madrid, Spain, Mr. Iwanaga(D3), Mr. Hao(D2), Ms. Wang(D2) and Mr. Shimada(D2) made poster presentation.写真
7/2 In The 59th Jount Kyushu Conference of Chemical-related Branches, Mr. Kanamori(M1), Mr. Fukami (M1) made poster presentation. And Mr. Fukami (M1) got best poster presentation award! Conglatulations! 写真
6/4 In 32nd Banyu fukuoka symposium, Mr. Shimada(D2) made poster presentation.
5/10 Prof. Sankar P. Rath came to Japan from IIT Kanpur.The presentation will be given on the below date. We look forward to seeing you there!
2022/5/18 (Wed)16:00~17:30
4/11 Mr.Hamada(M1)、Mr.Kitahara(B4)、Ms.Kawashige(B4)joined our lab. as new members!

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