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11/26 In 2021ハロゲン利用ミニシンポジウム, Mr. Sato got award! Congratulations!写真
9/24 Mr. Alex graduated! Congratulations!写真
9/21-23 In 第31回基礎有機化学討論会, Ms. Iguchi (M2) and Mr. Sato (M2) gave poster presentation and Ms. Iguchi got award! Congratulations!写真
9/21 Research proposal by Assist. Prof. Ishida was adopted at the JST PRESTO. Congratulations!
9/16-19 In the 71st Conference of Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry, Mr. Iwanaga(D2) gave oral presentation!
9/14 A farewell party was held!写真
8/21 In 第33回若手研究者のためのセミナー, Mr. Yoshida(M1) gave poster presentation!
8/7 Ms. Fujita (class of 2010) gave a lecture at the Open Campus Project "理系女子のためのキャリアパス講演会"! If you missed the live streem, please feel free to watch it on YouTube!
8/6 In 第52回構造有機化学若手の会 夏の学校, Mr. Iwanaga(D2), Ms. Iguchi(M2) and Mr. Kai(M1) gave poster presentaion!
7/17 In 九州錯体化学懇談会261回例会学生ポスター発表会, Mr. Iwanaga(D2) gave a poster presentation, and got an award for the best poster presentation! Congraturations!写真
7/5 In 第58回化学関連支部合同九州大会, Mr. Ikemoto(M1), Mr. Kai(M1), Mr. Tsuruda(M1), Mr. Minakuchi(M1) and Mr. Yoshida(M1) gave poster presentation! Mr. Yoshida got an award for the best preseentation! Congraturations!写真
6/28-7/3 In International Conference on Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines (ICPP-11), Dr. Biju(PD) and Mr. Iwanaga(D2) gave presentation!
6/4 In the 31st Banyu Fukuoka Symposoim, Mr. Iwanaga(D2) gave poster presentation!
4/4 Mr. Fukami(B4), Mr. Kanamori(B4), Mr. Muta(B4), Mr. Tanaka(B4) and Ms. Yada(B4) joined Furuta lab. as new members!写真
3/22-25 In The 101st CSJ Annual Meeting (2021), Mr. Alex(D3), Mr. Iwanaga(D1), Mr.Hashiguchi(M2), Ms. Iguchi(M1), Mr. Sato and Mr. Nagano gave oral presentation!
2/17 Assist. Prof. Ishida got Incentive Award in Synthetic Organic Chemistry!

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