New HP is available!!
5/12 Mr. Kage (D2) won a poster award in 28 th Banyu Fukuoka Symposium (organizer: Prof. Furuta).
4/16 A special lecture by Proff. Tomás Torres (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) was held!写真
4/10 Assoc. Prof. Shimizu got The Young Scientists’ Prize (The Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) !
4/5 Mr. Iwanaga(M1), Mr. Yamashita(M1), Ms. Ikebe(B4), Mr. Kijima(B4), Mr. Shimada(B4), Mr. Hashiguchi(B4) joined Furuta lab. as new members!写真
3/20 Mr. Matsuo(D3)、Mr. Hisamune(D3)、Mr. Uchihara(M2)、Mr. Tachibana(M2)、Mr. Fukuda(M2)、Mr. Mitsuno(M2)、Mr. Ito(B4)、Mr. Kai(B4)、Ms. Kamioka(B4)、Mr. Tanaka(B4)、Mr. Fukuyama(B4) graduated. Congraturations!!写真
2/20 Itoshima International Mini-Symposium on Porphyrin and Related Compounds was held!!写真
2/20 A Lunch party was held!!写真
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