Microfluidic Analysis Devices

Sample pretreatment, derivatization reaction, and detection are all performed on a palm-sized device.

Electrochemiluminescence Spectrometry

This is an analytical method that combines the advantages of fluorescence spectroscopy and electrochemical measurement. We are also investigating the synthesis of dyes with high luminescence efficiency.

Analysis Methods for Short-Lived, Unstable Species

Quantitative methods for short-lived or unstable chemical species are limited. We are working to develop new analytical methods by spectroelectrochemical measurements combined with theories developed by us.

Carbon Quantum Dots

Unlike conventional inorganic semiconductor quantum dots, they are made almost entirely of carbonaceous material. Since they do not contain heavy metals harmful to living organisms, they are suitable for bioanalysis and other green applications.

Single Molecule Observation/Analysis of Biomolecules

With AFM we can observe single-molecular DNA , proteins, and also enzymes. Thus, we are applying the in situ observation to biomolecular analysis by observing the particular structural changes caused by bioaffinity reactions.

DNA/Gene Sensor

Certain types of mutation of genetic DNAs sometimes cause serious diseases. Therefore, we are studying about biosensors that can detect DNA mutations instantaneously by taking advantage of molecular recognition by DNA probes.


PNA is an artificial nucleic acid with an amide bond in its backbone chain, which is similar in structure to peptides/enzymes. We have developed various artificial nucleic that function as enzyme, e.g., peroxidase and nuclease, by one-pot solid phase peptide synthesis.

Designer Protein

We are developing new artificial peptide enzymes based on the structure-based design of functional peptide units to exert bioaffinity reactions including molecular-recognition, selective binding, and catalysis reaction.