New HP is available !!
10/1 A welcome party for Poornenth and Wang was held!写真
9/10-12 In 66th Conferenc of Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry, Mr. Matsuo (D3) ,Mr. Yogesh Kumar Maurya (D1) and Mr. Yamasumi (M2) gave oral presentations.写真
9/5 Wrap up party of Grad. Sch. Entrance Exam !写真
9/1-3 In 27th Symposium on Physical Organic Chemistry, Mr. Hisamune (D2), Mr. Kage (M2), Mr. Karasaki(M2), Mr. Shimomura(M2), Mr. Uchihara(M1) and Mr. Fukuda (M1) gave poster presentations and Mr. Kage won poster prizes. Congraturation!!写真
7/12 Encouragement Rally for graduate school entrance examination was held. Do your best, B4 guys!! 写真
7/3-8 In 9th International Conference on Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines (ICPP-9), Prof. Furuta gave a Plenary lecture, Assoc. Prof. Shimizu gave an Award lecture, Assist. Prof. Ishida gave an oral presentation, and Mr. Hisamune (D2), Mr. Kage (M2), and Mr. Fukuda (M1) gave poster presentations.写真
7/2 Mr. Shimomura (M2), Mr. Uchihara (M1), and Mr. Mitsuno (M1) gave poster presentations in 第53回化学関連支部合同九州大会 held in Kitakyushu. Mr. Shimomura and Mr. Uchihara won poster prizes. Congraturation!!
6/1 Assist. Prof. Miyazaki has joined Furuta lab, Nice to meet you !
5/23 Dr. Wei's farewell BBQ was held. Good bye and good luck, Wei !
5/7 Softball tournament was held. Furuta lab livened up the games in a lot of ways !! 写真
4/23 Yogesh Kumar Maurya (D1) gave a poster presentation in 26th Banyu Fukuoka Symposium 写真
4/5 Tomihama, Nakamura, Nishiyama, Nozoe, Hieida joined Furuta lab. as new members!!写真
4/1 New academic year
3/25 Uchihara (B4), Tachibana (B4), Fukuda (B4), Mitsuno (B4), Ogasahara (M2), Shiina (M2), Deguchi (M2), and Yang (M2) graduated. Congraturations!!写真
3/11 A farewell party was held!!写真
12/25 A year-end party was held!! 写真
12/9 Assoc. Prof. Shimizu got a SPP/JPP Young Investigator Award!!
11/30 Dr. Pingchun Wei joined Furuta lab. as a postdoc!!
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