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10/20 Mr. Alex's wellcome party and Prof. Furuta's birthday party were held! 写真
10/1 Mr. Alex(D1) joined our lab. Welcome!!
9/25 Mr. Yogesh(D3)graduated. Congratulations! 写真
9/13 Mr. Yogesh's farewell party was held! 写真
9/7-9 In 29th Symposium on Physical Organic Chemistry (Tokyo institute of Technology, Tokyo), Mr. Kage(D2), Mr. Poornenth(D2), Mrs. Wang(D2), Mrs. Feng(D1), Mr. Wang(D1), Mr. Nishiyama(M2), Mr. Ito(M1), Mr. Kai(M1), Ms. Kamioka(M1), Mr. Tanaka(M1), Mr. Fukuyama(M1) gave poster presentations. Mr. Kage and Mr. Wang won the poster prizes! 写真
9/1 In 30th seminar for young researchers (Kyushu University Maidashi campus), Ms. Kamioka(M1) gave a oral presentation and Mr. Ito(M1), Mr. Kai(M1), Mr. Tanaka(M1), Mr. Tanaka(M1) and Mr. Fukuyama(M1) gave poster presentations. 写真
7/10 Encouragement Rally for graduate school entrance examination was held. Do your best!写真
7/7 In 30th Banyu Sapporo symposium (Hokkaido University, Sapporo), Mr. Kage(D2) gave a poster presentation!
7/6 Assoc. Prof. Shimizu got 2018(14th)野副記念奨励賞!
7/1-7/6 In ICPP-10 (Munich, Germany), Mr. Yogesh(D3), Mr. Yang(D3), Mr. Poornenth(D2) and Mrs. Wang(D2) gave poster presentations.写真
6/30 In 第54回化学関連支部合同九州大会 (Kitakyushu International Conference Center, Kitakyushu), Mrs. Feng(D1), Mr. Wang(D1), Mr. Ito(M1), Ms. Kamioka(M1), Mr. Kai(M1), Mr. Tanaka(M1), Mr. Tanaka(M1) and Mr. Fukuyama(M1) gave poster presentations. And Ms. Kamioka won a poster award!写真
6/17 We hold a birthday party for Assoc. Prof. Shimizu!写真
5/31-6/1 Lab trip to Yamaguchi Prefecture!写真
5/25 A special lecture by Proff. T.James (University of Bath) was held!写真
5/12 Mr. Kage (D2) won a poster award in 28 th Banyu Fukuoka Symposium (organizer: Prof. Furuta).
4/28 A softball tournament was held!写真
4/16 A special lecture by Proff. Tomás Torres (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) was held!
4/10 Assoc. Prof. Shimizu got The Young Scientists’ Prize (The Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) !
4/5 Mr. Iwanaga(M1), Mr. Yamashita(M1), Ms. Ikebe(B4), Mr. Kijima(B4), Mr. Shimada(B4), Mr. Hashiguchi(B4) joined Furuta lab. as new members!写真
3/20 Mr. Matsuo(D3)、Mr. Hisamune(D3)、Mr. Uchihara(M2)、Mr. Tachibana(M2)、Mr. Fukuda(M2)、Mr. Mitsuno(M2)、Mr. Ito(B4)、Mr. Kai(B4)、Ms. Kamioka(B4)、Mr. Tanaka(B4)、Mr. Fukuyama(B4) graduated. Congraturations!!写真
3/16-19 In the 98th CSJ annual meeting (Funabashi campus, Nihon University), Mr. Yogesh(D3), Mr. Yang(D2), Mr. Poornenth(D2), Mr. Wang(D1), Mr. Nakamura(M1), Mr. Nishiyama(M1) and Mr. Hieida(M1) gave oral presentations and Mr. Fukunaga gave a poster presentation!!写真
3/14 A farewell party was held!!写真
2/20 Itoshima International Mini-Symposium on Porphyrin and Related Compounds was held!!写真
2/20 A Lunch party was held!!写真

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