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About Lab.
updated: Jul 21, 2009

About Lab.

Recently the research field of the organic optoelectronic devices has attracted much attention owing to the commercialization of the organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs). For the development of a new generation of optoelectronic devices, it is crucial to establish the synthetic method of new materials with outstanding properties, precise methods to control the morphology of the nano-structured organic films, and the basic physics governing the process of the organic optoelectronic devices.

Our approaches to the new optoelectronic devices are based on the idea that the elucidation of the primary physics would open a new way for the next devices. Following this idea, we are concentrating on to explore the elementary processes such as the electron injection to the organic and metallic layers, the charge transport in the organic layers, the charge recombination at the organic interfaces, the exciton formation and deactivation in the presence of the intense incident light, and so on. Further, we are trying to develop high-performance organic (light-emitting) transistors, organic photovoltaics, organic memories, and organic laser diodes on the basis of the results about the primary physics.

In addition, our research is extended to include the realization of the characteristic organic devices such as the electric circuit composed of only organic materials and the flexible optoelectronic devices which are difficult to construct with inorganic materials. The development of the new technology to control the nano-structure aiming at the improvement of the device performance, the combination of the organic semiconductors with the inorganic ones, and the new bio-photonic devices with the biological molecules based on the technology of the organic devices are also in the field of our group.


Our lab has opened three years ago (October, 2005). We are conducting these researches on the basis of the results of projects about studies on organic laser diodes and their device physics in the field of gCreation of ultrafast, ultralow power, super-performance nanodevice and systemh of the JST Basic Research Programs and the research project about gCreation of flexible ubiquitous terminal systemsh of the JST Special Coordination Funds for Promoting Science and Technology.