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Day 1
Wednesday, July 19

Opening Remarks
Prof. Chihaya Adachi (Kyushu University)
Dr. Christopher J Savoie (Kyulux Inc.)

Session 1

*Introductory lecture
Prof. Katsumi Tokumaru
Professor Emeritus, University of Tsukuba
“Thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF): Exploring the past to get insights into intersystem crossing”

Prof. Hironori Kaji
Kyoto University
In silico discovery of highly efficient dry and wet processable TADF materials for blue-to- green OLEDs”

***Coffee Break***

Prof. Hartmut Yersin
University of Regensburg
“Design strategies for highly efficient organic and organo-metallic TADF compounds and beyond”

Session 2

*Industrial lecture 1
Mr. Masahiko Suzuki
Japan Display Inc.
“Evolution of OLED display for next generation”

Dr. Takuya Hosokai
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
“Excited-state dynamic, photophysical properties, and chemical structure of highly efficient TADF molecules”

Prof. Takuji Hatakeyama
Kwansei Gakuin University
“HOMO-LUMO separation by multiple resonance effect toward ultrapure blue TADF materials”

***Coffee Break***

Prof. Jian Li
Arizona State University
“The development of metal assisted delayed fluorescent (MADF) emitters for OLED applications”

Prof. Fengling Song
Dalian University of Technology
“Fluorescein derivatives with TADF for time-resolved fluorescence imaging”

Prof. Jian Zhang
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
"Organic thermally activated delayed fluorescence materials for photocatalytic organic synthesis"
Poster Session and Exhibition
Workshop Banquet as ITRI ITO

Day 2
Thursday, July 20


Session 3

Prof. Jean-Luc Bredas
Georgia Institute of Technology
“Novel design strategy for efficient thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) organic emitters: From twisted to planar structures”

Prof. Ken Onda
Kyushu University
“Structural change of TADF materials in the excited states studied by time-resolved infrared spectroscopy”

***Coffee Break***

Prof. Chun-Sing Lee
City University of Hong Kong
“Biomedical applications of molecules with delayed fluorescence”

Dr. Tadaaki Ikoma
Niigata University
“Time-resolved electron spin resonance of TADF molecules”

Session 4

*Industrial lecture 2
Dr. Hsiaowen Hung
BOE Display Technology Co., Ltd.

Prof. Yun Chi
National Tsing Hua University
“TADF emitters with boron-containing accepting unit”

Prof. Andrew Monkman
Durham University
“100% efficient OLEDs using thermally activated delayed fluorescence; Vibrational coupling in TADF and how resonance between energy levels yields efficient OLEDs”

***Coffee Break***

*Industrial lecture 3
Mr. York Tsai
WiseChip Semiconductor Inc.
“Presentation title to be announced”

Prof. Hisahiro Sasabe
Yamagata University
“High-performance pyrimidine-based TADF emitters realizing pure blue-to-green emission”

Prof. Jun Yeob Lee
Sungkyunkwan University
“Molecular engineering of host and emitters for blue thermally activated delayed fluorescent devices”

Day 3
Friday, July 21


Session 5

Prof. Hiroyoshi Naito
Osaka Prefecture University
“Optical properties of thermally activated delayed-fluorescence emitters: Importance of a higher triplet excited state”

Dr. P. Rajamalli
University of St Andrews
“Pyridine derived TADF emitters for blue OLEDs and their application towards gelation”

***Coffee Break***

Prof. Jang-Joo Kim
Seoul National University
“Conventional fluorescent dye based OLEDs toward EQE of 30%”

Prof. Chung-Chih Wu
National Taiwan University
“Composition dependent TADF characteristics and electroluminescence”

Session 6

*Industrial lecture 4
Dr. Kathleen O’Connell
The Dow Chemical Company
“Advances in next generation display materials”

Dr. Chao Wang
Zhejian University
“Descriptor-tuned TDDFT for the calculation of TADF molecules”

Dr. Dongdong Zhang
Tsinghua University
“Highly efficient thermally activated sensitizing fluorescent OLEDs”

***Coffee Break***

Prof. Chihaya Adachi
Kyushu University
“Diversity of TADF Technology in OLED and organic lasers”

*Industrial lecture 5
Mr. Junji Adachi
Kyulux, Inc.
"Materializing the future of OLEDs"
Closing Remarks and Poster Awards