OPERA: Center for Organic Photonics and Electronics Research

This project adopts the following four approaches for realizing next-generation organic EL devices: (1) Realizing high-efficiency EL by using novel light-emitting materials. (2) Breaking free from the constraints of ultrathin films made from organic glass. (3) Exploiting the intrinsic optical and electronic anisotropy of molecules. (4) Creating new light-emitting devices based on the unique optical properties of molecules and developing processes for these innovative materials. Our goals are to research and develop organic semiconductor devices centered on third-generation EL devices, for Japan to develop world-leading science and technology for organic semiconductor devices centered on organic EL devices, and to advance their commercialization and the security of related intellectual property.


Tohoku-Kanto earthquake
In 11th March, we got the tremendous earthquake in Tohoku area and suffered unprecedented damage. We pray for the victims. In particular, the most serious situation is related to the damage of the nuclear power generation systems in Fukushima and we need very careful treatment. Although it would take rather long time to get complete recovery, I believe that we Japanese will overcome this difficulty. In this chance, we would like to chance the social systems and find the new way for our future society.

OPERA Director Chihaya Adachi
We opened our new website for OPERA!


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