New HP is available !!
7/12 Encouragement Rally for graduate school entrance examination was held. Do your best, B4 guys!! 写真
7/3-8 In 9th International Conference on Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines (ICPP-9), Prof. Furuta gave a Plenary lecture, Assoc. Prof. Shimizu gave an Award lecture, Assist. Prof. Ishida gave an oral presentation, and Mr. Hisamune (D2), Mr. Kage (M2), and Mr. Fukuda (M1) gave poster presentations.写真
7/2 Mr. Shimomura (M2), Mr. Uchihara (M1), and Mr. Mitsuno (M1) gave poster presentations in 第53回化学関連支部合同九州大会 held in Kitakyushu. Mr. Shimomura and Mr. Uchihara won poster prizes. Congraturation!!
6/1 Assist. Prof. Miyazaki has joined Furuta lab, Nice to meet you !
5/23 Dr. Wei's farewell BBQ was held. Good bye and good luck, Wei !
5/7 Softball tournament was held. Furuta lab livened up the games in a lot of ways !! 写真
4/23 Yogesh Kumar Maurya (D1) gave a poster presentation in 26th Banyu Fukuoka Symposium 写真
4/5 Tomihama, Nakamura, Nishiyama, Nozoe, Hieida joined Furuta lab. as new members!!写真
4/1 New academic year
3/25 Uchihara (B4), Tachibana (B4), Fukuda (B4), Mitsuno (B4), Ogasahara (M2), Shiina (M2), Deguchi (M2), and Yang (M2) graduated. Congraturations!!写真
3/11 A farewell party was held!!写真
12/25 A year-end party was held!! 写真
12/9 Assoc. Prof. Shimizu got a SPP/JPP Young Investigator Award!!
11/30 Dr. Pingchun Wei joined Furuta lab. as a postdoc!!
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